Cafes have five items that cause major issues when they want to go plastic free. These are water bottles, coffee cups/lids, straws, plastic bags, and takeaway containers.

While Cafes can make sure they use refillable glasses made of PLA instead of plastic water bottles, they can also utilize Café supplies made of compostable materials like bamboo, wood, cornstarch (PLA), and sugarcane that make sure the environment isn’t affected. They are strong and are non-reactive with food, hot or cold. While using nature friendly materials we can rest assured that after dumping/recycling they will never cause harm to terrestrial or marine life.

PacknWood offers a wide variety of Cafe supplies that are compostable and safe to use for carrying food. These supplies include, compostable cutlery made of wood, sugarcane, bamboo, cornstarch; compostable plates, wooden trays, skewers, bowls (with or without lids), paper straws, bamboo picks, holders, paper napkins, hot cups, PLA glasses and much more.

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