Oriental Restaurant Supplies The presentation of your food can be better with the right oriental restaurant supplies. A carefully chosen container, like a bamboo mini steamer, gives your food the right look and provides a functional container that customers appreciate. Customers have certain expectations when it comes to how food is presented and looks. PacknWood has a collection of oriental restaurant supplies that gives you all of the options that you need for a unique customer experience.


PacknWood’s oriental restaurant supplies are designed using eco-conscious materials and construction methods. The collection includes bamboo steamers, regular and beginner chopsticks, and samurai wooden trays and dishes. With these, you can create a complete experience with theme-appropriate containers and utensils.

Choosing any of the oriental restaurant supplies from PacknWood reduces your company’s environmental impact. Our single use and eco-conscious supplies are designed to be sustainable, organic, and compostable so that you can reduce packaging waste. Plus, you will draw in more customers with eco-friendly and themed supplies for a more authentic feel. Many customers specifically seek out Chinese restaurants that have switched to compostable and green food packaging.

Getting your oriental restaurant supplies from PacknWood is easier than you think. Just call us at (201) 604-3840 to speak with a representative that can walk you through our catalog. We offer both specialized Asian restaurant supplies and generic takeout packaging that can be used in a variety of restaurant types. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in this section, please review the general restaurant supplies page. You can also reach us through our chat system, which is available all day every day.

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