TAITI - Black Square Cup - 2oz

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600 pcs/case

Our versatile, TAITI Black Square Cup's sleek design, adds elegance to any dinner table or buffet. The cup is wonderful for serving dips and spreads and can also be used for small desserts. TAITI measures 1.7 L x 1.7 W x 2.1 H and holds 2 fluid oz. It is 100% recyclable. Several colors are available: white 209MBTAITIB, in transparent 209MBTAITI and green 209MBTAITIV.

Quantity per case 600
Case Pack 20 x 30 pcs
Material PLASTIC
Size (in INCHES) BASE: .98 X 1.1
Diameter (in INCHES) 1.7 X 1.7
Height/Depth (in INCHES) 2.1
Size (in MM) BASE: 25 X 28MM
Diameter (in MM) 45 X 45MM
Height/Depth (in MM) 55MM
Product Fluid Capacity (in fl.oz) 2
Product Fluid Capacity (in ml) 60
Grease Resistant Yes
Cold Food Yes
Hot Food Yes
Lid Optional Yes
Disposable Yes
Recyclable Yes
Size 1 - 4 in.
Shape Square
Color black
Ounce Capacity 1 - 8oz

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