Ideas for a Food Truck Business with Eco-Friendly Packaging

Ideas for a Food Truck Business with Eco-Friendly Packaging

Posted by Melanie Green on Mar 23rd 2021

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Food truck business is a good startup business option for aspiring food entrepreneurs that may not afford a brick-and-mortar restaurant. This industry continues to evolve; the food products being served are not limited to hotdogs and ice cream. With the high mobility, they are far from being saturated as others believe. In fact, food trucks can be advantageous in different places like school campuses, parks, carnivals, business complexes, and can cater to private events like birthdays and weddings.

Though, it would be helpful if you have smart concepts like incorporating new technology for your payment methods or using green products for your foodservice supplies. Here are some food truck ideas with eco-friendly packaging.

Gourmet Burgers


Burgers are all-time favorites. They are very popular and tend to be the most used niche in these mobile eateries. You just need to think of ways on how you can make it unique, among others, like considering adding a twist. For example, serving gourmet or vegan burgers, or selling burgers in gluten-free buns. You can use the PacknWood Burger Boxes Collection for your eco-friendly packaging. They are very sturdy and are heat and grease resistant. You can also include Sugarcane Souffle / Portion Cup for your sauce and condiments.

Fusion Cuisine 


Combining two different culinary elements in a single dish could be your recipe for success. You may have similar concepts to other food trucks, but the key to this Fusion Cuisine is your food's delicious taste because most cuisines vary in flavor based on each country's region.  

Examples of this fusion cuisine you can take inspiration from are Kogi BBQ, where Korean BBQ meets Mexican Tacos and Steamy Bun Truck, which is a combination of four cuisines such as Vietnamese, Filipino, Taiwanese and Chinese. Both foods can be served on these eco-friendly Food Boats

Organic or Vegan Menu


Food truck owners continue to innovate their menu. From the perspective of food trucks serving unhealthy foods or foods high in calories, there are food trucks that serve a variety of organic or vegan menus. Whether it's pasta, salad, or rice meals, you can use Paper Buckets for these dishes.

Breakfast Food Truck


Breakfast is an important meal of the day, but busy students and working people with no much time to prepare meals early in the morning prefer grabbing some food on their way to school or the office. You can start a breakfast food truck selling bagel sandwiches or glazed donut breakfast sandwiches using Kraft Bagel Box or Paper Bags for longer bread sandwiches like Vietnamese Banh Mi.

Food in Cones 

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There are so many food possibilities of food in cones for food trucks. It could be gourmet popcorn, pizza cones, or Japanese hand-rolled sushi, which are perfectly served in these eco-friendly Wooden or Bamboo Food Cones. These food selections are excellent options if your location is near a drive-in cinema or in a carnival where people can leisurely walk while eating. You can also do catering services for birthdays and even green party events.

Food trucks typically use disposables for their foods. If you want to lessen your impact on the environment, switch to a supplier with eco-friendly solutions. PacknWood offers not only boxes and cones but also a wide range of compostable and biodegradable Utensils, Cups and Straws, and other Food Truck Supplies. Visit our website,, to learn more about the products we offer or call 201-604-3840 for order assistance.


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