Eco-friendly Paper Bags Paper bags are a staple in food service packaging. They make it easy to take your food with you or pick up takeout orders. Bakeries also use them a lot for bread and other baked goods. With the right packaging, your customers can take things home with them and enjoy them later. PacknWood has eco-friendly paper bags for a variety of food types that you can use to package takeout orders.

PacknWood is a leading supplier of eco-friendly restaurant supplies. Our paper bags are made using environmentally friendly paper that is compostable and biodegradable. Our paper bag collection includes windowed, clear SOS bags, sandwich bags, brown Kraft bags, all-purpose bags, and our black mini carry bags. Our windowed bags use eco-friendly PLA, which is a biodegradable plastic alternative made from natural materials. Unlike regular plastic, it will decompose over time so that it won't stay buried in a landfill and damage the environment.

Switching to eco-friendly restaurant supplies can help you attract a new customer base. More people these days are focused on helping the environment and prefer to shop with companies that use eco-conscious supplies. PacknWood partners with manufacturers that use eco-conscious manufacturing methods, renewable materials, and maintain a carbon-neutral footprint.

Add these eco-friendly paper bags to your restaurant and takeout services. Call our office at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our 24-hour chat service. We can help you find the right paper bags and other eco-friendly restaurant supplies from our catalog that will fit perfectly with your restaurant's takeout services.

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