Appetizer Dishes

Appetizer Dishes

Cones are the perfect appetizer option, many sizes and materials available.
Portion Cups
Unique styles and materials make our large range of portion cups truly exciting.
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Appetizer Dishes

PacknWood's horderves plates offer a variety of ways to serve customers small plates. From biodegradable bamboo and palm leaf cocktail plates to angled plastic cups, we have it all! Minis are an essential item for your catering supplies. They can be used as appetizer plates or to serve dessert. Mindful designs make our mini dessert cups, mini serving dishes and mini tasting spoons stackable and easy to transport.

Mini Dessert Cups

Mini dessert cups can make serving a large crowd easy. For festivals, it makes distributing food easy, and with the right design, can add beauty to your dish. Choose compostable options for dessert cups that will resonate with eco-friendly customers.

Small Dessert Bowls

Small dessert bowls can easily hold liquids, gelatins and pastries. They come in biodegradable and plastic options depending on your need.

Mini Casserole Dish

A mini casserole dish is a lovely way to showcase food. Our porcelain mini casserole dish can also be used as a dipping vessel for sauce. Our porcelain dishes are reusable and recyclable.

Mini Serving Dishes

Add some whimsy to a dish with our assortment of wholesale mini serving dishes and appetizer plates. They come in an array of materials including sugarcane, bamboo, plastic, porcelain, glass, metal, wood, and more!

Mini Dessert Dishes

Disposable mini dessert dishes are great for small and large events alike. Food trucks, tasting events, and weddings are appropriate venues for these single-serving delights!

Mini Tasting Spoons

Mini tasting spoons are available in a variety of compostable and disposable options. Customers love these one-bite treats. Our wholesale quantities make it easy to stock up on your catering supplies. As always, they are designed to stack nicely and are lightweight.

The Benefits of Using Compostable, Eco-friendly Disposable Horderves Plates

Appetizer plates and other mini serving dishes are lovely ways to display food. By choosing to purchase environmentally-friendly, wholesale disposable horderves plates or dessert cups, you're helping the Earth. These days, customers care what their food is being served on and how it's being sourced. It's essential to have eco-friendly, disposable mini dessert dishes and horderves plates among your catering supplies.

At PacknWood, we offer a collection of biodegradable and compostable mini servings dishes and disposable mini dessert dishes. Our bamboo, palm leaf, corn starch PLA, and paper products are wonderful eco-friendly options, and our plastic mini dessert cups and small dessert bowls are recyclable.