Cutlery Kits Takeout orders and catering services always need high-quality cutlery kits. Having prepackaged cutlery makes it faster and easier to provide service to your customers. While you can package your own cutlery, this will take a lot of time and resources away from your operations. Your cutlery reflects on your restaurant and is a part of your customer experience. You want to have some of the best cutlery options available to make a good impression on your customers. Fortunately, PacknWood has pre-packaged high-quality cutlery kits that you can use for your takeout and catering services.

PacknWood’s cutlery kits give you a variety of options to choose from based on your restaurant’s needs. Our cutlery kits include PLA, wood, and bamboo cutlery sets, along with placemat, bags, and napkins. By combining kits, you can create a full place setting for each customer according to what you need for each order. Many of our cutlery kit options come in different styles and colors so that you can customize your selection to match your restaurant’s service designs. With so many options, you can create place settings for casual dining or formal events.

PacknWood specializes in providing eco-friendly single use restaurant supplies. We provide products made out of PLA, wood, and bamboo because they have environmentally friendly properties. All three materials are biodegradable, while wood is compostable, and bamboo is easily renewable. By choosing our cutlery kits, your restaurant will be able to reduce waste while improving its environmental impact. Many customers appreciate companies that adopt eco-conscious practices, especially in the food service industry.

Switch to PacknWood’s cutlery kits to attract and eco-conscious customer base and improve the quality of your takeout and catering services. Call our office at (201) 604-3840 or reach out to us through our 24-hour chat service. We will walk you through our catalog and help you find the products that work best for your restaurant or catering services.

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