Catering Trays

Catering trays help to carry food in any catering hall, wedding reception, banquet or luncheon. Disposable Catering trays are important for catering businesses, cafe, bakery, grocery store, or deli.

The trays can be used to present and transport a variety of foods, including cheeses, meats, quiches, cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Compostable trays are a great alternative for other materials like plastic which are harmful for the environment. Materials like sugarcane and wood being natural and non-conductors are ideal for carrying food.

At PacknWood, our Catering Trays come in all shapes and sizes. Made of compostable materials like sugarcane or paper, our trays are also eco-friendly. We have trays with compartments that help to segregate food, while some other trays have lids to cover the food.

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