At PacknWood, our Ice Cream Containers come in materials like sugarcane, and paper. Oval Sugarcane cups, Brown Kraft cups, Buckaty paper cups, Deli News Printed cups, NOIR black paper cups are some of the containers available.

US households consume some 108 billion disposable cups per year made of foam and plastic. These kinds of containers cause tremendous pollution while they are manufactured and disposed. Foam containers manufacturing causes the release of pentane which is one of the VOCs that can cause harm to crop and wildlife. Plastic containers cause severe harm to the environment while manufacturing and at disposal.

More and more customers want to enjoy food in containers that don’t cause distress to wild animals and marine life. Containers made of compostable material like sugarcane are a nice trade-off when you want to do your bit for the environment.

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SKU #: 210APUB13
500 pcs/case