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Eco-friendly Hot Cups Starting each day with a cup of coffee is a daily ritual for most people. Coffee helps people wake up and get focused, so a lot of people rely on the first cup. Your coffee shop or restaurant is the first stop for many people who need a good cup of coffee but cannot wait around to finish it. Having high-quality, single use, and eco-friendly hot cups, you can serve customers on their way to work. PacknWood has a collection of eco-friendly hot cups that can add to your restaurant's single use supplies so customers can get their coffee from you.

PacknWood is a leading supplier of eco-friendly restaurant supplies. Our eco-friendly hot cups are designed to be durable and safe. They are heat resistant, making them the perfect choice for hot coffee. We use several materials for hot cups including insulated cork, compostable paper, PLA coated paper, and recyclable paper. All these options are source using sustainable methods, as well as carbon neutral manufacturing practices. Customers love to support organizations that adopt environmentally friendly practices to protect the environment.

At PacknWood, we strive to provide the highest quality single use restaurant supplies available. Our eco-friendly hot cups collection includes Kraft paper cups, corrugated PLA coated paper cups, and insulated cork cups. We also have cups in common sizes of 4 oz up to 20 oz. All of our cups are designed to be moisture resistant so that they hold up when filled with hot coffee. That way, you don't have to worry about customers burning their hands.

Add these eco-friendly hot cups to your coffee supplies. Call our office at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our 24 hour chat system to learn about our large collection of hot cups, as well as other eco-friendly restaurant supplies that you can use to improve the quality and environmental impact your restaurant's services.

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SKU #: 210GCBIO20
1000 pcs/case