Eco-friendly Clear Mini Dishes Clear mini dishes are a good choice for appetizers that come in smaller portions. You want to provide something that starts a meal just right by making a good first impression. If you want to really impress your customers, use clear dishes for a more elegant look. While glass is a good option, there are several other choices that can be just as effective even for takeout and catering orders. PacknWood has eco-friendly clear mini dishes that you can use to upgrade your single use restaurant supplies.

PacknWood is a leading provider of eco-friendly restaurant supplies. Eco-friendly mini dishes come in different shapes and sizes so that you can find the right combination of supplies for your appetizers, desserts, and other small portion options. This collection of clear mini dishes includes square plates, angle cut mini cups, clear cubic mini dishes, clear transparent cubic mini dishes, clear mini plastic cups, clear plastic lids, clear triangle dishes, clear transparent mini dishes, mini casserole dishes, Pavlos transparent green cups, round mini bowls, spiral design mini cups, square mini transparent dishes, tall plastic shot glasses, transparent mini pans, transparent mini tasting dishes, transparent waves cups, Vaia clear green drop dishes, waved top mini cups, clear green diamond shaped mini dishes, transparent green cups, square cups of multiple sizes, and transparent green leaf dishes. The variety of choices available in our collection makes it easy to find several clear mini dishes that fit your needs and your restaurant's services.

At PacknWood, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality eco-friendly restaurant supplies. Every product we offer is made using eco-friendly materials and practices. Many of our eco- friendly are made using compostable, biodegradable, and easily recyclable materials. We use eco-friendly plastic alternative that is made using natural materials so that it will break down when disposed of. They make better single use clear mini dishes than traditional plastic packaging.

PacknWood can make the transition to a more eco-friendly restaurant service. Give us a call at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our 24 hour chat system. We can help you find the right eco-friendly products for your restaurant service.

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600 pcs/case
288 pcs/case
288 pcs/case