The plastic tableware, the plates, cups, straws, cutlery that we use at will during parties and throw out are seldom recycled though we would like to imagine that. Only 1/3rd of all plastics thrown are recycled and the rest mostly end up in landfills.

These contaminate the soil, leach chemicals into the groundwater or any waterbody nearby. On an average, it takes literally 1000 years for any plastic to decompose. Meanwhile the earth and the ocean must bear the brunt of the poison leaching from these.

Many alternative, biodegradable and eco-friendly tableware are available these days. This is literally guilt-free convenience. These are made using materials like bagasse from sugarcane which is the fibrous stuff left over after crushing the juice out of it. It is maximum usage of an otherwise waste material. Likewise, materials like bamboo and palm leaf which are highly sustainable could also be used to create compostable and natural tableware.

At PacknWood, our Compostable Tableware come from all kinds of different sustainable and eco-friendly materials like sugarcane, wood, bamboo, palm leaf. They are also available in all forms of shapes and sizes; Square, rectangular, and circular. PacknWood's compostable plates are 100% biodegradable.

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