Catering Supplies

The Catering industry uses a large amount of plastic for carrying food and drinks to their customers. While causing obvious harm to consumers due to the chemicals that react with food, they are also harmful for the environment.

Food packaging using plastics is linked to tons of waste dumped in landfills, and oceans. Marine life can never be the same because of the harm caused by the non-biodegradable plastics.

Catering Supplies can easily be made using compostable natural materials like bamboo, wood,cornstarch, and sugarcane. They are quite durable and are non-reactive with food, hot or cold. While using such materials we can rest assured that after dumping they will never cause harm to land or water.

PacknWood offers a wide variety of Catering Supplies that are compostable and fashioned from nature. These supplies include, compostable cutlery made of wood, sugarcane, bamboo, cornstarch; compostable plates, wooden trays, skewers, bowls (with or without lids), paper straws, bamboo picks, holders and much more. They come in different shapes and sizes.

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SKU #: 210BBQ30
10000 pcs/case