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Paper Straws
Fun colors and sizes all while being eco-friendly.
Finding an eco friendly paper napkin can be challenging, considering the resource..

Bar that go the extra mile to have high-quality bar supplies tend to have more loyal customers. No matter what type of bar you run, everyone wants a great experience when they come in. You can wow customers with subtle bar supply choices that add to their experience in ways that they don’t expect while exceeding expectations with the quality of your glasses and containers. Your bar can have a better overall customer experience if you use PacknWood’s high-quality bar supplies.

PacknWood’s bar supplies offer the right combination of traditional designs, quality production, and subtle quality design enhancements to give your customers an elevated experience. These include a variety of designer straws and skewers, as well as specialty glasses, picks, napkins, cutlery accessories, and specialty cups. PacknWood has an option for nearly all of the supplies that you need to satisfy every need. We carry both eco-friendly single use bar supplies and reusables.

ou can use our bar supplies to enhance your customer experience with subtle, yet influential style choices that combine for a high-quality presentation. Plus, all of the packaging and bar supplies that PacknWood provides is made with sustainable sourcing, quality production, and renewable materials. Your bar will attract eco-conscious customers, reduce costs from packaging waste, and hurt the environment less. 

A well-crafted bar experience is the difference between being just another bar and a wildly successful one. You can better ensure success by improving every little detail of your customer experience using the unique and high-quality bar supplies that we have to offer. Take your bar experience to the next level with PacknWood’s bar supplies. Call us at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our 24-hour chat system. We can help you choose bar supplies from our catalog that will make your bar stand out with customers and make it their first choice when they want a reliably good bar to go to.

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1000 pcs/case
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48 pcs/case