Takeout Supplies With the increased popularity of restaurant delivery services such as GrubHub and UberEats, more restaurants are offering takeout than ever before. Takeout is an amazing opportunity for restaurants, hotels, and bars of all sizes, as a way to grow sales without taking up limited seating space. No longer does the size of your dining space dictate how many orders you can process in a night. Plus, this growth opportunity is in addition to the customers who place direct orders with your restaurant for carry out or need something to take their leftovers home in.

PacknWood has a variety of takeout supplies that can make your takeout more presentable and reduce packaging waste. These include sugarcane bowls, windowed Kraft bags, sandwich bags, paper soup cups, recyclable containers and lids, SOS bags, and sandwich boxes made from eco-friendly materials. Our supplies are made using the best materials and offer a high- level of quality that customers like.

PacknWood specializes in eco-friendly takeout supplies and green reusables in the food service space. We can help you find the right packaging to keep your food in pristine condition until your customers are ready to eat. Our takeout supplies also help you reduce packaging waste, which is a major concern for many customers. We can help your company be more eco-conscious while still delivering a high level customer experience. After all, food that’s presented well gives your customers a restaurant quality experience at home.

Give us a call at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message using our 24-hour chat line. You can also check out our catalog to see our current offerings of takeout supplies. We want to help you grow your restaurant’s takeout services by finding the right packaging to maintain your customer experience in customers homes. We have years of experience helping restaurants get the supplies that they need to.

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300 pcs/case
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100 pcs/case