Deli / Grocery Supplies

Paper Straws
Fun colors and sizes all while being eco-friendly.
Hot Cups
Different colors and multiple sizes available, add on a lid and you have..

Delis in the USA have a grocery store and a restaurant. These delis generally serve food and beverages in plastic containers adding to the burden on the environment. Deli Supplies could be made of compostable materials like bamboo, wood, cornstarch (PLA), and sugarcane.

They are suitable for any kind of food and provide great satisfaction to the user for contributing to a plastic free earth. When compostable materials are used, we can rest assured that after dumping/recycling they will never cause land or water pollution.

PacknWood offers a wide variety of Deli supplies that are compostable and safe to use for serving food. These supplies include, compostable cutlery made of wood, sugarcane, bamboo, cornstarch, compostable plates, brown meal box, wooden trays, skewers, bowls (with or without lids), paper straws, bamboo picks, holders, paper napkins, hot cups, PLA glasses and much more. They come in all form of shapes and sizes.

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