Food Delivery Supplies When customers choose delivery instead of coming into your restaurant, they need good food to come to them with the same level of presentation and style that you deliver to restaurant guests. Partnering with PacknWood makes it possible to have the right food delivery supplies to make sure your food arrives in the best condition possible. Plus, you’ll make a great impression on your customers with attractive and high-quality packaging.


PacknWood has a variety of food delivery supplies that look great and come with environmental and business benefits. These include paper bags, SOS bags, Kraft paper bags, utensil wrappers, and takeout bags in multiple colors. Your restaurant can use these food delivery supplies to build a complete takeout experience that leaves a good impression with their quality and design.

PacknWood’s food delivery supplies are more than useful tools. They also help you reduce your company’s environmental impact. Our supplies are made using eco-friendly materials that are compostable and sustainable. In an increasingly eco-conscious world, switching to our supplies can help you draw in more customers and make your restaurant a leader in packaging waste reduction.

Shopping at PacknWood means you’re choosing a CO2 Neutral Company based right in New York City. We’re a national leader in supplying eco-friendly, compostable, recyclable, and reusable products to the food service industry. We partner with restaurants, virtual restaurants, hotels, and caterers to ensure that they have the food delivery supplies that they need. Switching to eco-conscious food delivery supplies is easy. Often, there isn’t much of a difference in price, especially when you consider the reduced environmental impact. Just give us a call at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our 24/7 chat system. We can walk you through our catalog to help you find the right food delivery supplies for your business.

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