At PacknWood, our Grab & Go Corporate cafeterias, restaurants, supermarkets, meal delivery services, and food trucks all use a large amount of food packaging to prepare, display, and sell their food products. Typically, companies use conventional plastic and cardboard containers. Not only do these packaging products make the food look less appetizing than if it was presented differently, plastic isn’t healthy for the environment.

Fortunately, PacknWood carries an impressive selection of grab and go food service packaging that makes it simple to package food in an eco friendly way without compromising on how it looks. This includes everything from newsprint containers and sugarcane containers to bakery boxes and wooden dishes with lids. We also carry only the best brands that we trust, such as the popular Kraft takeout container line.

PacknWood is a leader in eco-friendly solutions in the food service space. We maintain our status as a CO2 Neutral Company and are active members of the International Caterers Association. In addition to our line of grab and go packaging, we carry all of the green takeout packaging and catering products you may need to grow your business. We focus on carrying only the most beautiful and sustainable products on the market.

Based in New York City, our team is available to help answer any questions or provide any support you may need. We’re there to partner with your business as it grows and needs a larger assortment of eco friendly catering supplies. This is a different level of service than you could expect from an overseas supplier or a big box retailer. Check out our current catalog of eco friendly takeout packaging, send us a message through our 24/7 chat, or give us a call at (201) 604-3840 for assistance.

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