Eco-friendly Kraft Takeout Many people rely on takeout orders for a quick lunch during the workday. Being able to stop in to grab soup and a sandwich gives people time to eat and relax before they have to get back to work. Takeout containers can make a big difference in how easy it is to grab lunch on the go. The right windowed sandwich box or cardboard soup container ensures that your customers will have an enjoyable experience. Your restaurant can benefit from adding PacknWood's eco- friendly Kraft takeout containers here takeout supplies.

PacknWood is a leading provider of eco-friendly single use restaurant supplies. Our Kraft takeout containers are designed to keep your food safe while helping you present your food in the best way. We have containers of all shapes sizes so that you can find one that is right for any type of food. Our takeout containers include windowed sandwich sleeves, Kraft hot and cold cups, takeout lunch boxes, black meal boxes, newsprint closable snack cups, salad buckets, cookie sleeves, Kray boxes, and lids to match. There are plenty of options to mix-and-match to create the perfect takeout experience for your customers.

Kraft paper is tougher than regular paper. Because it is tougher, it can be used for wet foods like soup for cold salads. You can also use it for traditionally greasy foods like French fries. The best part of using Kraft paper containers is that they are biodegradable and compostable. Your customers will get to enjoy great food while helping protect the environment.

Our Kraft takeout containers are the eco-friendly choice for takeout orders. You can add them to your restaurant 's takeout supplies by calling our office at (201) 604-3840 or sending a message through our 24-hour chat service. We will help you place an order for any of the eco-friendly restaurant supplies from our catalog so that you can give your customers a better experience.

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