Breakfast Supplies Operating a bed and breakfast, 24-hour diner, or brunch restaurant has its unique food packaging needs. When customers order a breakfast platter to go, they expect the food to be well-presented and served in an appropriate container. Eating eggs, potatoes, and bacon from a generic styrofoam container with a plastic fork isn’t appetizing, especially if the food shifts around in the package. Plus, takeout containers and restaurant supplies made of styrofoam and plastic aren’t good for the environment or for the health of your customers.


PacknWood offers plenty of packaging products that you can use to improve your breakfast offerings, create a positive customer experience, and reduce food packaging waste. You can choose from a selection of compostable plates, Kraft cups, chopsticks, eco-friendly bowls, bamboo utensils, paper cups, and bamboo serving tongs, among a variety of green single use packaging items you can rely on. If your restaurant has lunch and dinner service, many of these single use breakfast supplies can be used for other types of meals.

Choosing eco-friendly breakfast supplies can help your restaurant business thrive with eco- conscious customers. The growing trend against wasteful single use packaging pushes customers to restaurants that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Greener restaurant packaging can help reduce your restaurant’s impact on the environment without going over your budget. Bamboo utensils, eco-friendly bowls, and compostable plates also look beautiful and high end.

PacknWood provides some of the best eco-friendly packaging available on the market. As a CO2 Neutral Company, we’re committed to reducing our own waste. Getting the single use breakfast supplies that your restaurant needs is easy. Send us a message through our 24/7 chat, or give us a call at (201) 604-3840 for assistance. We can help you find the right eco- friendly packaging for your restaurant’s needs no matter what kind of food you prepare.

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