Compostable Plates
Our wide range of compostable plates allows you to choose the style that works best for you. All while being eco-friendly and compostable.

Our wide range of eco-friendly bowls are perfect for appetizers, salads and more.
Our eco-friendly cutlery is the perfect addition to our eco-friendly plates.

At PacknWood, our Disposable Plates come from all kinds of different sustainable and eco-friendly materials like Sugarcane, Wood, Bamboo, Palm Leaf. They are also available in all forms of shapes and sizes; Square, Rectangular, and Circular. PacknWood Disposable plates are 100% biodegradable & compostable.

SKU #: 210ECOD140
800 pcs/case OUT OF STOCK ETA OCT 10
SKU #: 210GFY12
1000 pcs/case
SKU #: 210GCNAT12
1000 pcs/case
SKU #: 210GCNAT4
3000 pcs/case
SKU #: 210CVBA171
250 pcs/case
SKU #: 210CVBA172
250 pcs/case