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Your food truck is a source of relief and excitement for customers unlike any other restaurant. It is a quick stop for them that provides the right mix of convenience and quality to make their days better. You can amplify this experience by adding high-quality, eco-conscious packaging to your food truck supplies. That way, your customers can count on your food to stay just the way that you made it while they continue on their trip or find a nice place to sit and eat.

PacknWood’s food truck supplies fill a variety of container needs while making it easier for your customers to travel with and enjoy their meal. Our food truck supplies include a variety of cones, meal boxes, travel bags, takeout boxes, specialty bags, greaseproof cones and containers, and Kraft containers. You can also get wooden baking containers and perforated snack cups to make baking and quick prep easier. With the options that we have available, you’ll be able to increase your turnover rate while ensuring that all of your food is in reliable, eco-friendly containers.

A changing economy and business environment have led many businesses looking for ways to do better for the environment. PacknWood has a history of providing high-quality products for food trucks and restaurants. Plus, our products are made using sustainable sourcing methods and eco-friendly production practices. Our products are better for the environment, which can help you attract an eco-friendly client base.

Switching to eco-conscious, customer-friendly packaging for your food truck is easy and can be the right move to help you expand your food truck’s offerings. Reach out to us by calling (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our 24-hour chat system. We’ll go through our catalog with you in order to find the best food truck supplies to help you impress your customers.


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