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Running a successful buffet requires the right combination of food, service, and single use buffet supplies. Whether customers prepare their own plates from the buffet line to be weighed or you need small plates to distribute appetizers, such as sushi, on the buffet itself, the best single use buffet supplies look great and help to reduce waste. Many traditional buffets can’t get away with using all reusable food service products given how their buffet lines operate. Eco-friendly buffet supplies present a viable alternative, especially for paper napkins and plates to portion out appetizers and handheld options.

PacknWood offers a variety of buffet eco-conscious buffet supplies. This includes paper baking cups, paper place mats, cutlery bags, food picks, napkins, and compostable mini plates. Bamboo veneer square plates and bamboo picks look great in buffets while reducing waste. We also carry an extensive line of sugarcane dishes in every shape and size, with your option of lids.

PacknWood has a long history of helping all kinds of restaurants and catering companies find the best packaging for buffets. We work through a global supply network to get the best natural and sustainable materials, and to sell only the best quality products possible. That way, every piece that you get from us helps your company reduce packaging waste. We’re a CO2 Neutral company based in New York City that utilizes green best practices in our own operations.


We can help you improve your buffet services with the right serving and packaging materials that also reduce your company’s impact on the environment. Give us a call at (201) 604-3840 or use our 24-hour chat system to send us a message. Working together, we can help make your next buffet more eco-conscious with our high-quality packaging and serving supplies.

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