Bamboo Skewers and Bamboo Picks can be the perfect presentation accessory.

Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is not a tree, it is a grass and it is stronger than oak! Our wide range of Skewers, the widest on the market, can be a real source of inspiration for presenting your culinary creations.

Wood is versatile. Wood was majorly used historically as it can be shaped easily to any tool or ornament required. Depending on the kind of tree it came from, wood properties differ, like softwood from Fir has a uniform texture and could be used to make windows, frames and doors. The wood from Cedar is highly resistant to decay and insects and is used for making the lining of drawers, chests and boxes.

Of all woods being used now, Bamboo Wood is the most adaptable due to so many advantages. It is the fastest growing plant (a kind of grass!) and has great strength comparable to even steel. Apart from its booming use in flooring, clothing, home decor, and furniture it is also a favorite in kitchenware.

A Skewer is not a modern implement. Pre-historic men used wooden skewers to cook meat without burning their hands. The skewer helps to cook small chunks of meat, seafood or veggies, kept marinating earlier. It is also a device built to eat delicately using your fingers. Kebabs, Corn on the cob, corn dogs, toffee apples and other mouth-watering delicacies are not complete without the skewer experience. The skewer is very versatile and finds its place quite easily in Michelin-star restaurants as 'cocktail sticks' and 'on a stick' snacks in street-food stands.

At home parties, wooden skewers are an easy way to serve food efficiently. Using skewers to serve meat and vegetables makes it a lot of fun and less formal. They are inexpensive and easily disposable, making it easy to clean up later.

At PackNWood, our Bamboo Skewers come in all form of shapes and sizes; Diamond shaped, Top twisted, Golf Tee, Paddle Pick, Side twisted, Knotted, Umbrella and so much more. These unique Bamboo skewers are a real source of inspiration for presenting your culinary creations. They are also great as gift possibilities.

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Pick Displays
Wonderful displays made of bamboo that hold a variety of picks and skewers.
Natural Picks
Our natural picks are made of Bamboo and can be used for cocktails, appetizers and more.

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