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Cutlery, usually a combination of different sizes and kinds of spoons, forks and knives are common in Western culture.

Traditionally known as silverware, the word Cutlery came from the Middle English word 'cuteler' or the French word 'coutelier' or 'coutel' that meant knife. The Cutlery industry originated in the 17th century from Sheffield, a city in England. The monarchy generally used gold cutlery, the wealthy silver (hence the name silverware!) and the common man used pewter or wood. At the turn of the 20th century other materials like stainless steel, electroplated Nickel Silver (EPNS) were used to produce cutlery. The most recent (last few decades) inclusion into modern cutlery are the disposable ones made of plastic. Most of these aren’t recyclable and they just end up in landfills.

Using cutlery with compostable materials like sugarcane or cornstarch makes it easier on the environment. At PacknWood, we have Fork, knives and spoons made of different compostable materials like sugarcane, wood, PLA, bamboo, cornstarch, porcelain and so on. The different variety of cutlery that we have are; compostable and heat proof corn black cutlery, PLA cutlery, bamboo cutlery, cornstarch cutlery, wooden cutlery, and so on.

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