WOOD Collection

Wood is a multifaceted material. It lends itself to the shape the maker intends for it. At a time when most metals weren't discovered, wood was the major building material used. Mansions, cottages, ships, boats and even water pipes were built of wood. It is no wonder that plates were made from wood too. Wood plates were originally the common man’s plates as they lasted longer and were easy to make.

For the last few years, the healthy living and wellness movement has gained a well-deserved popularity. People are looking into healthy alternatives for themselves and sustainable living for the sake of nature. Most things like plastics that became popular under the guise of ease of use have revealed their toxic nature. People are embracing a holistic kind of living where they could treat themselves with compassion and nature with respect. This kind of movement has spilled on to the way we eat food too, and the devices that we use to eat with.


Wood Collection is the perfect accompaniment to whether your 'breaking bread', which is almost a spiritual endeavor in many cultures. As wood is an insulator, they keep food warm without having to heat the plates separately. Plates made of wood are non-toxic, i.e. they do not leach harmful chemicals into food and are in harmony with nature. They are bio-degradable and do not harm the environment as their plastic counterparts.

At PacknWood, our Wood plates come in all form of shapes and sizes; Square, rectangular, circular, octagonal, with and without lids. PacknWood wood plates are 100% biodegradable and are microwavable and filmable. These unique plates are a delight to eat with and look both rustic and elegant on the dinner table.