Eco-friendly Colorful Picks Picks are used to hold certain foods together while catching people’s attention. You can use them to make your food more memorable by extending the theme of your restaurant or event onto the individual food items. Colorful picks are designed to catch people’s attention, which can help you attract more customers. They appreciate the small details and the more detail that you customize, the more customers will prefer your restaurant services.

Our colorful picks make it easier to get the attention of customers or even attendees. You can choose from subtle to elaborate designs based on your event to ensure that you provide a consistent customer experience. Our color picks come in many themes including simple shapes, nature themes, music, or elaborate shapes. All of our picks are made of bamboo, which is biodegradable and safe in foods up to 158°F.

PacknWood has an assortment of colorful picks that can match multiple themes and designs. You can get them in large packages so that they can easily replace your current picks for a quick improvement of your designs. Call us at (201) 604-3840, or send us a message through our 24-hour chat system so that we can help you find the picks that are right for your restaurant.

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