Eco-friendly Natural Picks Having an assortment of picks gives you the ability to customize your food options for different occasions. Creatively designed picks with add ons can be fun, but you should not underestimate the appearance and the presence of natural picks. Many customers prefer a natural look, and wood picks have been a standard for decades. The natural finish on bamboo picks can be just as pleasing as any other design and fits in well in steakhouses and healthy eating restaurants. PacknWood has a collection of natural picks that you can select.

PacknWood is a leader in providing eco-friendly restaurant supplies. Our natural picks are made of bamboo, which is a highly renewable resource. It makes our picks sturdy and useful for hot and cold foods. Our picks also have a natural finish, which resembles traditional wood picks. Bamboo is compostable and biodegradable, making it a better choice for the environment over other wood options. When customers are done using the picks, they can use them as ingredients in the home composting projects. Many customers appreciate the qualities of eco- friendly products often use them in home gardening projects.

You can choose from a variety of pick options including paddle picks, our unique Diamond Shaped Steak Marker with Bull Head picks, curved bamboo skewers, food label picks, knotted bamboo skewers, pinecones picks, Kuromoji black willow picks, Thani bamboo mini dish skewers, Chiba umbrella picks, and Tokai seahorse picks. We also have a 14 hole bamboo pick holder that you can use to display specialty picks.

Adding our eco-friendly natural picks to your restaurant services is easy. Just call our office at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our 24-hour chat service. We can help you find the right products from our catalog to add other creative and eco-friendly elements to your restaurant, hotel, or catering business.

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SKU #: 210BBCURVE11R20
2000 pcs/case